The init command registers a repository, initializes it locally and configures it. It is a combination of kit repo create, git init and kit repo config commands.


kit repo init [options] <name>
kit repo init [flags] <name>
--commit.amend Sign an amended commit (instead of creating a new one) (default true)
-c, --config string Specify repository settings or a file containing it
-f, --fee float Set transaction fee to pay to the network
-h, --help help for init
--no-sign Do not enable automatic signing hook
-n, --nonce uint Set the next nonce of the signing account signing
-o, --print-out Print out more config to pass to eval()
-k, --push-key string Specify the push key (defaults to signing key)
-r, --remote strings Set one or more remotes
-u, --signing-key string Address or index of local account to use for signing transaction
-p, --signing-key-pass string Passphrase for unlocking the signing account
-v, --value float The amount of coins to transfer to the repository


  • repodir - Path to the repository that needs to be configured.


  • -c, --config - Provide the repository’s governance and access control settings.
  • -k, --push-key - Set the address or index of a key in the keystore to use for signing push requests.
  • -r, --remote - A comma-separated list of remote URLs to add to the repository. e.g origin, backup
  • --commit.amend - When set to true, a new commit will not be created whenever git attempts to sign a branch. Instead, the recent commit is amended (Default: true).
  • --no-sign - If set to true, hooks that enable automatic signing will not be configured (Default: false).
  • -o, --print-out - (Optional) Print’s out additional config scripts that cannot be executed from within the execution process (e.g environment variable updates). The output should be passed to eval().
  • -h, --help - Prints out a help message.

Transaction Options

  • -f, --fee - The number of coins to pay as the network transaction fee. It will be deducted from the signer's account.
  • -n, --nonce - The next nonce of the signer's account (current nonce + 1).
  • -v, --value - The number of coins to transfer from the signer's account.
  • -u, --signing-key - The address or index of a key that will be used to sign the transaction.
  • -p, --signing-key-pass - The passphrase that will be used to unlock the signing key.


  • Create, initialize and configure a repository named myrepo.
kit repo init "myrepo" \
-u=0 \ # set signing key to key at index 0
-f=1.51 \ # set fee for every push to 1.51 coins
-r="origin" # set remote URL
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