The commit command signs the recent commit of a branch and creates a push request token that can be added to the push request to the remote server.


kit sign commit [options]
      --head string       Specify the branch to use as git HEAD
  -h, --help              help for commit
  -m, --merge-id string   Provide a merge proposal ID for merge fulfilment


  • --head - The name of the branch that needs to be signed.

  • -m, --merge-id - Provide the ID of a merge request proposal that the commit fulfils.

  • -h, --help - Prints out a help message.

Sign Options

  • -f, --fee - The number of coins to pay as the network transaction fee.

  • -n, --nonce - The next nonce of the signer's account (current nonce + 1).

  • -v, --value - The number of coins to transfer from the signer's account.

  • -u, --signing-key - The address or index of a key that will be used to sign the transaction.

  • -p, --signing-key-pass - The passphrase that will be used to unlock the signing key.


  • Sign and create a push token for the latest commit.

kit sign commit
  • Sign the latest commit on the dev branch.

kit sign commit -h "dev"

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