The send command creates a transaction that transfers coins from an account to another account or repository.


kit user send [options] <address>
  kit user send [flags] <address>

  -f, --fee float                 Set transaction fee to pay to the network
  -h, --help                      help for send
  -n, --nonce uint                Set the next nonce of the signing account signing
  -u, --signing-key string        Address or index of local account to use for signing transaction
  -p, --signing-key-pass string   Passphrase for unlocking the signing account
  -v, --value float               Set the amount of coin to send


  • address - The recipient address. Can be a user address or a repository address. A namespace URI pointing to a repository or a user address can also be used.


  • -h, --help - Prints out a help message.

Transaction Options

  • -f, --fee - The amount to pay as transaction fee. It will be deducted from the signer's account.

  • -n, --nonce - The next nonce of the signer's account (current nonce + 1).

  • -v, --value - The number of coins to transfer from the signer's account.

  • -u, --signing-key - The address or index of a key that will be used to sign the transaction.

  • -p, --signing-key-pass - The passphrase that will be used to unlock the signing key.


  • Create a transaction that transfers 210 coin to os1qfrysysaawvjlgfz5ecqv569adkkw7sxudy36u and pays 1.51 coins as network fee.

kit user send -u=0 -v=210 -f=1.51 "os1qfrysysaawvjlgfz5ecqv569adkkw7sxudy36u"
  • Create a transaction that transfers 10 coins to a repo named myrepo.

kit user send -u=0 -v=210 -f=1.51 "r/myrepo"

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