Welcome to MakeOS

On this page, we will describe various sections of this documentation to get you started quickly.


Learn how to install Kit - The official reference client of the MakeOS network. It is currently the only client required to interact with the network. See the Install page to learn how to install it on your platform.


Quick Start Guide

Learn how to quickly install, run the MakeOS official client and connect to the live network. Get started on the Quick Start Guide.

pageQuick Start

Set up a Private Network

Learn how to create your private network and execute network operations. Proceed to the Setup a Private Network guide.

pageSet Up a Private Network

What is MakeOS

After installing and initializing the Kit client, you may be interested in learning about the MakeOS project, why it is important and what we want to achieve — See this page for more details.

pageWhat is MakeOS

How it Works

If you are interested in a brief introduction on how it works, check out the protocol overview page for more details.

pageHow it Works

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