Kit is the official reference client for interacting with the MakeOS network and blockchain. Depending on your platform, there are several ways to install it.


For macOS or Linux users, you can get Kit by using the Homebrew package manager.

brew tap make-os/kit 
brew install kit

Pre-built Binaries

For platforms with no support for Homebrew, you can download a pre-built binary from our GitHub release page.

There are binaries for macOS, Windows and Linux systems. Unzip the tarball file, add the kit or kit.exe executable in your PATH.

Git is required and must be in your PATH. Git version must be >= v2.11.0. Click here to download and install the latest git release.

Add `kit` executable to your PATH

Git interacts with Kit to perform signing and push operations. You must addkitto your system PATH to allow git to find it.

Build From Source

If you prefer to build from the official source, you can do this by downloading the source from GitHub.

You will need to install the following [dependencies](#install-dependencies) to successfully run the commands below.

# Fetch source using go get
go get

# Check into Kit's source directory
cd path/to/kit

# Install dependencies and build Kit
make install

Install Dependencies

If you are building from source, you must have the following dependencies installed.

  • Go (go1.14 or later)

  • Git

  • GNU Make

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