The public gateway provider for the MakeOS network.


A remote is a network participant and a git remote server that provides a publicly accessible service for accessing the features of the network.

A remote provides a graphical and API interface that users can use to access and manage their repositories.

Just like how collaborators visit a website like GitHub, users may visit and use any public remote without worrying about importing and exporting their data between remotes.

A remote will allow users to create and manage repositories, issues, merge request, access control management and more.

Types of Remote


This is a type of remote that is incentivized by the protocol. The network rewards the operator for running a public, highly-available remote service for everyone to use.

Anyone can run a remote, but to become an incentivized remote, the operator must have skin in the game; They must stake some amount of the native coins as a security and performance deposit. If they begin to provide poor service, they may be slashed through a governance proposal that passes.


A personal remote is a remote service started and maintained for personal use. A user can start a remote service for their private use or for a group.

A personal remote can also be opened to the public, allowing anyone that knows the address to use it. However, the personal remote is not incentivized by the protocol, so the owner of a personal node will not be reward by the protocol.

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