The contributor command allows you to add and manage contributors to a repository.
To see a list of sub-commands, run kit contributor
kit contributor [flags]
kit contributor [command]
Available Commands:
add Add one or more contributors to a repository or a namespace or both
-h, --help help for contributor
--no.rpc Disable connection to the JSON-RPC API
--rpc.https Force the client to use https:// protocol
--rpc.password string Set the RPC password
--rpc.user string Set the RPC username

Global Options


For methods that require connecting to a running node, Kit will attempt to connect via RPC by default. These are the options to control the connection:
  • --remote.address - The address of the RPC server to make connections to.
  • --rpc.user - The username to send to the RPC server for authentication.
  • --rpc.password - The password to send to the RPC server for authentication.
  • --rpc.https - Enables SSL connection to the RPC server.
  • --no-rpc - If this is set, it will prevent the command from connecting to a remote node via JSON-RPC.
Last modified 3yr ago