The checkout command fetches and checks out the target or base branch of a merge request.


kit mr checkout [options] [[remote] id]
  kit mr checkout [flags] [[remote] id]

  -b, --base             Checkout the base branch instead of the target branch
  -f, --force-checkout   Forcefully checkout while ignoring unsaved local changes
      --force-fetch      Forcefully fetch the branch (uncommitted changes will be lost)
  -h, --help             help for checkout
  -y, --yes              Automatically select 'Yes' for all confirm prompts


  • remote - (Optional) The name of the remote to fetch from (Default: origin).

  • id - The merge request ID.


  • -b, --base - Instead of checking out the target branch by default, check out the base branch.

  • -f, --force-checkout - Checks out the merge request branch irrespective of unsaved changes on the current branch. Unsaved changes will be lost.

  • --force-fetch - Allows the merge request branch to be forcefully fetched.

  • -y, --yes - Respond with ‘Yes’ in situations where user confirmation is required.

  • -h, --help - Prints out a help message.


kit mr checkout "1"

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