The attach command is used to start a JavaScript console that connects to an already running local or remote Kit node.


kit attach [options]
Start a JavaScript console that attaches to a local or remote node

  kit attach [flags]

      --exec string           Execute the given JavaScript code
  -h, --help                  help for attach
      --remote.address string Set the RPC server address to connect to (default "")
      --rpc.https             Connect using HTTPS protocol
      --rpc.password string   Set the RPC password
      --rpc.user string       Set the RPC username


  • --exec - Executes a JavaScript source code and exit. If a path is provided, it is read and executed.

  • --remote.address - The address of the Git & RPC remote server.

  • --rpc.https - Indicates that SSL should be used when connecting to the node.

  • --rpc.user - Provide the username of the server for basic authentication.

  • --rpc.password - Provide the password of the server for basic authentication.

  • -h, --help - Print out a help message.


  • Attach to the local node running on the default address:port.

kit attach
  • Attach to a remote node at the address

kit attach --remote.address="" --rpc.user="user" --rpc.password="pass"
  • Attach to a node and execute a JavaScript expression immediately after attaching.

kit attach --exec='2+2'

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