Phase 0 - Collaboration

This is the genesis phase of the MakeOS blockchain. In this phase, the goal is to release a code collaboration system for hosting and sharing code conveniently and without relying on a centralized authority. Allowing developers access to a decentralized alternative to GitHub is the mission.


  • DevNet 1 Launch (released v1-alpha).

  • Code Sharing and Hosting Protocol (released v0.0.32-alpha).

  • Code Collaboration Hub (embedded in client) (released v1-alpha).

  • Initial DEX Offering.

  • Uniswap Launch.

  • GitSpace (GitHub alternative).

  • Block Explorer.

  • Wallet (Desktop).

  • Wallet (Browser Extension).

  • Open Source Sustenance Protocol.

  • Dilithium/Latinum -> $MAKE Swap.

  • Devnet 2 Launch.

  • Protocol Audit.

  • Game of Remotes Launch (Incentivized Testnet).

  • $MAKE -> Mainnet Swap.

  • Mainnet Launch.

Due by Q3 2022

Phase 1 - Execution

This phase begins after the mainnet launch of the MakeOS protocol. As a protocol that wants developers to have access to a decentralized collaboration engine, MakeOS also want to be a protocol for executing or running software.


  • Avalanche Consensus.

  • Virtual Machine Engine - An extendable layer for deploying virtual machines for any language. The initial release will support virtual machines for:

    • Solidity (EVM).

    • TypeScript (NodeVM).

    • Go (GoVM).

    • Java (JavaVM).

  • System DAOs: System DAOs are protocol-incentivized, staked groups of oracles providing features that cannot be easily accomplished by only the protocol. SystemDAO usage fees will be paid in MAKE. Since this system will execute non-deterministic operations, it will rely on open governance, availability challenges and a dispute system to be successful.

    • FunctionDAO - A DAO built on top of MakeOS with the purpose of providing a function-as-a-service (FaaS) system that will allow developers host their backend code.

    • StorageDAO - A storage DAO designed to provide storage service to developers with active functions running on the FunctionDAO. FuntionDAO apps will be able to persist state to the StorageDAO for a fee.

    • StaticDAO - A DAO for deploying static websites from repositories stored on MakeOS DHT.

    • DisputeDAO - A DAO designed to resolve disputes between system DAOs. When there is a disagreement that cannot be automatically resolved by the protocol, the DisputeDAO will be the place to go for open, transparent, community-driven dispute resolution.

Due by Q2 2023

Phase 2 - Metaverse

More details soon

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