Dilithium (Deprecated)

Dilithium token has been deprecated.

We have removed the Dilithium token from the protocol specification. MakeOS is now a single currency system.

What does this mean?

  • MAKE is the only token on the MakeOS protocol.

  • The mining system on the cloud mining platform has been disabled.

  • Dilithium mined on the cloud miner will be convertible to MAKE.

  • The conversion functions on the cloud miner are still functioning.

Dilithium Withdrawal

Dilithium holders must withdraw all Dilithium held on the MakeOS cloud miner into an encrypted wallet. This is mandatory to be allowed to convert into the MAKE token. Please Log In to the cloud miner service to withdraw into an encrypted wallet.

Keep the .wallet file safe and remember your passphrase. You will be unable to access the asset if you lose the file or forget your passphrase.

$MAKE swap

We will be introducing a swap tool that will allow Dilithium and Latinum wallet file holders to convert to MAKE tokens. An announcement will be made when the tool is ready.

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